Web content needs to interest a web visitor instantly, or they’re lost. The same was once true (and still is where they exist) of magazine ads.

For that reason, web content, like its predecessor advertising copy, should be succinct and to the point. It should use as few words as possible to make the highest possible impact—unless it is describing a feature set or providing detail. Even then, it should get the message across as rapidly as possible and get right to the call-to-action.

Web content should be based on precise messaging that has been successful for the client in the past—or on precise market research on the client’s potential user base. It should also adhere to SEO research done by or for the client.

These are all requirements that fall within my skillset. Having written hundreds of pages of web content for many different clients across industries, and having been the “go-to” web content writer for several web designers for their clients, I bring a level of quality and experience that can’t easily be beat.

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