Blogs are essential today for reaching out to new prospects. They attract new clients by providing real value in the form of relevant or useful information, and news of interest. 

Blogs are also vital for connecting through social media and for remaining relevant in ever-changing markets. According to Google, they’re also essential for raising and maintaining Google rankings.

Blog writing is a combination of skills: 

  • Precise capturing the voice of the client and their company
  • Effective communication in a brief format that captures attention and interest (blog posts should never be lengthy—they’re not feature articles)
  • Artful inclusion of keywords to raise or secure Google rankings
  • Utilization of the company’s voice and messaging to foster interest, encourage further exploration and generate engagement

As an expert writer with extensive experience writing hundreds of blogs across multiple industries, I bring the skills that ensure a high level of professionalism in presentation, helping create broader engagement by capturing interest.

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